T-SQL Tuesday #025 – Tips and Tricks

And the trick i share for this month’s T-SQL Tuesday is… Distraction free management studio.

If you’re an avid writer, you might be using Writeroom. It’s a full screen distraction free writing application, which gets your computer out-of-the-way so that you can focus on your work. Dark Room is a similar app for Windows.

Distraction free! Focus on your work! Isn’t that amazing?

So how about a similar app for management studio where you spend most of your time, writing queries? Wouldn’t it be nice to focus on queries alone and not worry about new email pop-ups or any other windows on your computer?

I did a quick search, and results, nada. But, better yet, this experience can be achieved by modifying a few options.

  • Add line numbers. From management studio, choose Tools, options. Expand Text Editor and expand Transact-SQL. In the general properties check Line numbers under Display and click ok.
  • Change background color. Again from options expand Environment and choose Fonts and Colors. Click ok.
  • View query window in full screen. Click view and choose full screen when writing queries. This will bring SSMS to the foreground and closes object explorer too. To exit from full screen again click view and deselect full screen.
  • Hide results window. Finally, press Ctrl+R to hide the results window. Press Ctrl+R again to display results window.


Give it a try, you’ll know what i am talking about!



3 thoughts on “T-SQL Tuesday #025 – Tips and Tricks

  1. Nice reminder of what screen real estate is worth. While some things are helpful on the occasion you need them having them hang around all the time nibbles away at your real work area. Try these keyboard shortcuts:
    Alt+Shift+Enter to toggle full screen
    Ctrl+R to toggle Results pane

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