Why did I start blogging?

This post is in response to #meme15 started by Jason Strate (b|t). Two questions were asked in the first assignment. Why did you start blogging, and why do you currently blog?

I recently started writing. My blog is still a baby. I started because I…

  • Want to be a part of the community. I read other people’s blogs. I seek help on forums. I watch those informative free webcasts. I’ve been and still am a consumer. So, why not contribute and help someone.
  • Learn while writing.I strongly believe the best way to learn is to teach. When you teach/write, you can’t just write what you think is correct. Why? Once you hit that publish button, you are opening yourself to criticism. And if what you’ve written is nothing but crap, my friend, you are done. So, to stay in the game you will read, research, and in the process will learn a lot of new things.
  • Enjoy writing. I’m not sure how I can explain this, but I just enjoy explaining, writing.



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