Why doesn’t my gauge show correct values?

Here is an issue I encountered recently while using gauge in reporting services.
There are three gauges in the report one for each product; bikes, computers, and hardware. The value being showed is YTD sales and all gauges show a value of 100 for YTD Sales as seen below:

However the actual YTD sales are 100, 150 and 200 for bikes, computers, and hardware respectively. See the sample data below:

Okay, why is this happening? I am glad you asked!

Minimum and Maximum values for chart:

Starting and ending values (0,100) on the gauge scale are controlled by minimum and maximum values that can be configured on the general page of scale properties. Right click on scale and select scale properties.

Since maximum value is set to 100, scale doesn’t show beyond 100. And when the actual value (YTD sales in this case) exceeds the maximum value the pointer will be defaulted to point to the maximum value.

To resolve this problem, change the maximum value to the following expression.



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