Management Studio Split Tabs

This is by far the simplest and silliest post ever, but i just figured how to create vertical tabs in management studio. When I learn something, you have to read it. I apologize, but you have to read it. As Ellen DeGeneres says, “if I see something… you have to see it” (YouTube Video).

When I want to compare scripts, I would open management studio in two separate windows and compare them. I knew there is an easier way, but didn’t know how to do that until recently.

Right click on a tab and choose – New Vertical Tab Group.


Split vertical tabs can be seen in the image below.


Note that you won’t see the new tab group options unless you have more than one tab open. Horizontal tabs can be created by clicking on New Horizontal Tab Group.

When done, you can reset the tabs to the original position by clicking on Move to Previous Tab Group.


I’m sure you know this – but like I said earlier, if I learn something…!



13 thoughts on “Management Studio Split Tabs

  1. It’s really quite nice if you have dual monitors. Since you aren’t aware of this are you aware that you can also do a split in an individual query by dragging the little box at the top of your scroll bar down? That way you can see the comments at the top of your query while working on a detail down at the bottom.

  2. of Course by the looks is Denali! The floating windows is another nice feature….If u got multiple monitors u may drag the windows there too! of course

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