Introducing SQL Roundup

Following in the foot steps of John Sansom (b|t), I’m going to post a roundup of links from other blogs every Friday. I’ll call this SQL Roundup. John calls his “Something for the Weekend“.

Each Roundup will have no more than 10 links. Trust me, I don’t want to ruin your Friday with too much information. Areas i hope to cover include: T-SQL, SQL Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, Blogging, Professional Development. These links will mostly be new blog posts, but occasionally I’ll point to older ones too.

Here is the first round:

SQL Roundup for 03/02/2012

Review: I Done This Andy Warren reviews a product and concludes his post with a tip that all new bloggers will find useful.

How To Write an Interview Winning CV You rock when your CV rocks. John shares some excellent ideas on writing a CV.

So, what is the BI Semantic Model? Chris Webb walks you back to early SSAS days and compares UDM with BISM.

SSIS – Name Those Connections by Andy Leonard. Your DBA will give you a hug. Not sure if you would want it though!

Why Use SSAS Tabular? by Marco Russo. SSAS 2012 comes in tabular mode, along with the traditional Multi-Dimensional mode, Alright. But, why use it?

Watch out for some activity on Twitter with #sqlroundup hash tag.


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