Execute T-SQL Statement Task

I spotted a new task in SSIS 2012Execute T-SQL Statement Task. It executes T-SQL statements, only Transact-SQL statements against SQL Server databases. Cool, but don’t get too excited. Why? Because you can neither parameterize the SQL nor save the results to a variable.


The task editor looks like below:


Only plain and static scripts can be executed, for which Execute SQL Task can be used anyway. So, I don’t see a specific need for this task and I don’t plan on using it in the near future. Do you agree?


Update: Please note, this task isn’t new in 2012. It existed in previous versions. I apologize for the incorrect information. Thanks to Devin Knight (b|t) for correcting me.


3 thoughts on “Execute T-SQL Statement Task

  1. This tasks exists in previous versions it’s just under the maintenance plans tasks section of the toolbox. I’m with you though, can’t imagine why I would use it.

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