Why Isn’t There A Deployment Server Edition For SSIS Projects?

Andy Leonard blogged about a gotcha when creating SSIS projects using SSDT yesterday. He showed that you can use any component in SSDT whether or not your SQL Server supports that component. For example, you can create a package with Fuzzy Lookup and deploy to a server running Business Intelligence edition (Fuzzy Lookup isn’t supported on this edition), you won’t even be warned until the package bombs when executed from command line or SQL Agent.

Rafi Asraf made a comment on that post about how it plays well with SSAS projects. I’ll try to elaborate that comment here.

There is a property called Deployment Server Edition for SSAS projects.

SSAS Multidimensional.


SSAS Tabular.


I selected Standard edition. Perspectives aren’t supported in this edition. When I try to create them, SSDT shows a warning message. This is friendly.


Now, why a similar property isn’t available for SSIS projects? That, my friend, is beyond the scope of my brain. Adding it will definitely save a lot of time and reduce confusion for developers.


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