Tips to improve your blog, really!

As I learnt a few things about blogging, I made a list of tips to get better at blogging. Thought I would share.

  1. Pour your heart out to answer a question. When someone asks a question, it means they followed your post hoping they would find an answer to their problem. If they are stuck, take responsibility. Do everything you can do to help them.
  2. Don’t plagiarise. It is just not the right thing to do.
  3. Don’t like your own posts. We know you like them, you don’t have to explicitly click like to show that.
  4. Don’t start with Hi or Hello. You’re writing a blog, not a letter.
  5. Don’t sweat it. Write what comes to you and how it comes to you.
  6. Be natural. You’ll be at your best when you are yourself.
  7. Use images. Images deliver the message quickly. If it’s a technical post, throw in lot of screen prints, else find a funny and relevant picture to use.
  8. Name your images. One extra opportunity do drop keywords for SEO. Search engines read image names and rank your post better. Posts also show up in image search.
  9. Use lists.
  10. Check spellings. There is no excuse for spelling mistakes.
  11. Check grammar. Difficult specially for people with foreign mother tongues (including me). It’s okay to be not perfect, but keep an eye on it.
  12. Check font. Inconsistent font size looks ugly. Will make the readers go away.
  13. Title is the key to a good post. Choose a title to attract people, not Google.
  14. Make use of URLs. Google will read URL text to show your posts in search results. People don’t read this. Feel free to use as many keywords as you want.
  15. Let the readers comment. Don’t post a comment saying you received so and so feedback from somebody.
  16. Be careful with series of posts. They are both powerful and dangerous. In depth series like this by Devin Knight, for example, will make the readers come back, a series on keyboard shortcuts won’t.
  17. Use your energy wisely. Blogging requires a lot of energy: time and thought. Use it and write to solve problems.
  18. Blog because you want to, not because someone else is blogging.

As always, comments are most welcome.



8 thoughts on “Tips to improve your blog, really!

  1. Samuel, this is all very good advice. There are a few I need to pay attention to especially number 16 because I am about to write a series of posts. Thanks.

  2. On second thoughts, point no 18 should be “Blog/Write to express not to impress”. Isn’t that it is all about. Thanks once again for sharing yoru thoughts and learnings about blogging.

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