SQL Saturday US Map

Apparently, SQL Saturday isn’t popular in the west. See for yourself. I wanted to see what cities frequently host SQL Saturday and ended up creating this dashboard. There are some interesting findings. Look at how the events are primarily confined to only (right) half of United States. There are several states that haven’t yet seen a SQL Saturday!


I created this using Tableau Public. Unfortunately, functionality of the dashboard on this blog is limited, so I encourage you to click on this link to see an interactive map.

Which state has conducted the most events so far? That’s right, it’s the Sunshine state. Good guys in Florida are outstanding by conducting 20 events already.

I hope this post is fun. Your comments are welcome. Cheers!

I’m @SamuelVanga on Twitter.


9 thoughts on “SQL Saturday US Map

  1. Thanks for putting this visual together for everyone!

    As the PASS Community Evangelist, SQLSaturdays are what I work hard on to bring to locations that just haven’t had one yet. We did manage to add a couple of new states this past FY, but I really look forward to seeing some of that large gap on the west coast shrink. I’m excited to be hearing that two of those states still without a SQLSaturday are looking like they’ll be happening in early 2013. Now to just find some volunteers to step up in those other locations! Stay tuned!

    Great post!

    Karla Landrum

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  3. Samuel, I’d really like to also see a world wide map. In case you’re bored and looking for something to do. 😉


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