Full Load. Incremental Load. Whaaat?

DinerSpecials4Back when i was in school, me and a bunch of friends used to hangout at a diner. The diner was popular for its specials, which were displayed on a board outside the entrance.

The manager would roll in every day, wipe the board clean and list all the specials for that day. There will be a few new specials introduced daily, but most of them would be the same every day. Still the manager would erase everything completely (including those that weren’t changed) and rewrite. He was fine with having to spend a lot of time every day to do this, but he wanted to clearly display all the specials.

On the other hand, a manager at a different diner would erase only those specials that were discontinued and add the new ones. He didn’t mind that the specials were not clearly displayed, and only wanted to make the daily changes as quickly as possible.

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