#meme15 – Use. Twitter. Why?

Should an average Jane or Joe professional use twitter?meme15new



Because, I’m using it.

Not enough reasons? <grumpy face> I knew you wouldn’t buy this.

Okay, allow me to present why you should:


You might be thinking, “I’m neither an author nor do i have any business to advertise”. True, but do you have a blog? Are you working on any interesting project? Are you a character? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then yes, you’ve something to advertise.

Follow your interests.

Twitter makes it easy to follow your interests: people, events, or anything else, so you can stay up to date of what’s happening around your interests. I’ll use me as an example: I follow a (very) few people. No, I don’t follow celebs like @KimKardashian or @justinbieber – I don’t care what they do – oh, sorry, my interests don’t match theirs. Instead, I follow people from whom I learn new things, people whom I find interesting, people those inspire me. If any of those people write a new article, I want to know about it. With Twitter, i can know the news from all the people at a single place.


Example. Mine. Again.

I follow Marco Russo (blog|@Marcorus). Marco tweeted that he was doing a session on Vertipaq vs OLAP.


I was excited about it and wanted to attend, but couldn’t. I tweeted this.


A tweet appeared magically from Marco saying, hey Sam – you are awesome, this session has been recorded for you. Ha, I’m dreaming here. But you can see his tweet below:


This shows how Twitter makes it easy for a novice like me to interact with a master like Marco.

Wrap it…

I’m sure there are other ways to achieve these – but don’t you want to pick the horse that wins the race?

There are more reasons, oh yes, more. Need’em? Sure. Fantastrateic bloggers are giving more reasons here, while participating in this month’s #meme15, created by Jason Strate (t).

When you are ready to start using Twitter, read this free simple twitter e-book by Brent Ozar (@BrentO). You will thank me later.

See ya on the Twitter world…