Every ebook from Apress for $15

Query Performance Tuning. Grant Fritchey. $15. If this doesn’t excite you, nothing will. Apress is offering every e-book for just $15 on Nov. 26. Here is a list of books I’m purchasing and recommend to you.

SQL Server 2012 Integration Services Design Patterns

I already bought this, and I love it. I even wrote a review. If you work with SSIS and don’t have this book yet, you should buy it now. This will be the best 15 dollars you will ever spend on your career.

2012 Query Performance Tuning

I’ve said enough about this book in the first three words of this post. I was putting it off for a while, and now there are no excuses.

SQL Server 2012 Practices

I don’t do DBA stuff at work, still I enjoy learning about things that impact me; like release management, auditing, etc., This book has it all. I hope to apply the practices I learn from this book in my playground – dev environment, that is.

Proceed to check out

Regular price of these books is somewhere around $35 to $50. Some people (including me) may find that expensive, specially when you purchase several books. This offer gives a nice break, who doesn’t want to save some money?

These are just the books I’d buy based on my interests – Remember all ebooks are available for this price.

Don’t miss out on this deal!

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I’m Not Attending #sqlpass Summit 2012 and I’m Sorry For Myself

I really wanted to attent PASS Summit this year, I’ve never attended before. I was preparing myself mentally since the last summit, but things didn’t work out. Life happened. I’ve some personal obligations that I need to take care. I can’t talk much about these obligations here, but I can say I’ll be a happy man if I complete them. So, I decided to trade Summit – not an easy decision though.

I know I’m going to miss out on a lot of things, Pre-Con Session: SSIS Design Patterns the most. Hopefully, I’ll be able to attend next year and get to meet all the awesome SQL people.

You, my friend, if you have a chance and haven’t registered yet, don’t wait. From what I’ve heard and learnt, it will be an amazing experience. Here is the registration link.